Mike Thigpen


Rev. Michael J. Thigpen is the Director of the Cultural Resource Center and Director of Multicultural Student services at Anderson University.  It's there where he feeds his passion to feed and resource a very diverse population of multicultural and international students from around the world.  A visionary and a leader, Michael has served the body of Christ for over twenty years. He has worked in a variety of ministry areas both nationally and internationally. Mike is a Graduate Anderson University having completed both a Bachelors in Organizational Leadership and a Masters in Business Administration from his alma mater.     



From children to the most mature individuals Mike has an unique ability to capture and connect with all types of audience.    Mike seeks to encourage, empower and motivate audiences to become passionate servant leaders, impacting the world by sharing the true authentic love of God.  Michael’s greatest joy in life is experiencing his daily life journey with God.  Mike lives in Indiana with his wife Melanie and their four beautiful daughters. the loves of his life.  

I dream of a church that is so diverse in age, race and socio-economic backgrounds that the visitors who enter are unable to assume what the pastor may look like merely by taking a glance at the people in the congregation. I believe heaven will be that way; we may as well start it here.

”Making sure to always keep an available empty seat at the table for someone from a different race, age, socio-economic or other backgrounds. Because when they enter the room, they will know they belong.
— Mike Thigpen